Nehemiah’s Best Coffee Shop

Nehemiah’s Best Coffee

These photos show our new “cutting edge”specialty coffee restaurant, the best and most smashing model coffee shop in the southern province of Rwanda! It is modeled after the Starbucks of Seattle. Nehemiah’s Best Coffee is in our church facilities, right along the highway to Bujumbura, which makes it part of the highway northern corridor, the road from Cairo to Cape Town! What a prize location!

The decision to establish this cafe was arrived at last year. When I realized that the south was being visited with more and more international guests, I knew that their needs could be met with such a cafe. We offer internationally appealing food and drink such as great coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, the freshest juices, tasty milkshakes, satisfying meals like hot dogs, great sandwiches, special omelets, amazing bolognaises, and more and more!

The cafe is called Nehemiah’s Best Coffee, with amazing chefs and accomplished coffee brewers!

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